7 money moves to help enhance your cash

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Sometimes savings can be easier to find if you know where to look. Beyond the generic advice of “saving more,” these nuanced strategies can help your cash flow. Here are some tips: 1. Find your match. Take advantage of employer matching so you don’t leave money on the table. If they match 3%, you’ve covered 6% […]

Through the back door to bigger retirement savings

Through the back door to bigger retirement savings

“Backdoor” strategies let you enjoy the benefits of a Roth while getting around some of the limitations. For people looking to build a balanced retirement savings portfolio, a Roth IRA can serve as a great companion to an employer plan such as a 401(k). But if you earn too much money, you may not qualify […]

Have you hired the right tax accountant?

Have you hired the right tax accountant

Five signs you’ve chosen the right accountant; two signs that suggest proceeding with caution. Not everyone needs a professional in their corner come tax season. For some, tax software might do, perhaps followed by a professional review. But for those with K-1s to contend with from master limited partnerships; complicated business structures; income from multiple […]